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Belt Driven Ender 3

The “Belt Driven Z Axis mod” is a modification for the Creality Ender 3 and other similar 3D printers. This modification replaces the stock lead screw used for the Z-axis movement with a belt-driven system. This modification is designed to improve the stability, precision, and speed of the Z-axis movement.

The stock Ender 3 use a lead screw to control this movement. While lead screws are generally reliable, they can have some limitations, including the potential for wobble, which can result in visible artifacts on printed objects. The Belt Driven Z Axis mod replaces the lead screw with a system that uses a timing belt and pulleys to drive the Z-axis. This can provide smoother and more consistent movement, reducing the potential for wobble and improving the overall print quality. It can also allow for faster Z-axis movement, potentially reducing the overall print time when using z hop.

BFACH – Boxed Filter: Activated Carbon/Charcoal + Hepa

Since the printer produces many small particles, the goal is to filter out as many of them as possible. A few months ago my friend Deutherius had the idea to equip the original Voron exhaust fan with activated Charcoal and a Hepa filter (VEFACH). But I did not want an exhaust fan but a fan I can place along with my printer in my cabinet.

The air first blows through activated Charcoal particles and then through the Hepa filter. The activated Charcoal removes e.g. the smell of ABS and the Hepa filter catches most of the particles. This still doesn’t remove all particles, but it is better than nothing.

FrankEnstein Toolhead

Frankenstein also known as Frank-Enstein is a light weight fanduct for the Ender 3 or similar printers (Not the E3 V2!). It adds a 5015 blower fan and is also compatible with a wide range of Hotends and Extruders.

Don’t we have enough fan ducts for the Ender 3? Yet another one…?
Yes, another one! And I’ll tell you why. Frank is also known as Frankenstein because it’s not beautiful or aesthetic (I like the look a lot, though), but is reduced to sheer fun. There is no plastic that is not really necessary. This makes Frank very lightweight, but also quick to print and easy to repair. The simplicity of the duct allows for a very wide range of hotends and extruders, as there is no plastic to get in the way. With only 4 printed parts you get a new powerful duct for your Ender 3! (Not the E3 V2!)

KlackEnder Probe

The KlackEnder is an adaptation of the Klicky/Quickdraw Probe for the Ender 3 and comparable Creality printers. The probe is compatible with all printers that use the X plate of the Ender 3 and cost of the probe is <10€, of which the switch is the most expensive part. The probe is compatible with Marlin and Klipper. Both firmwares work with the G29 command, the docking is done automatically by the printer, it couldn’t be easier! Both firmwares add a KlackEnder menu to the display that can be used to dock and undock the Probe. The Bed-Mesh can be created via the custom menu, via the default firmware settings or with G29.

Why should I build it?
Well, as with my other mods, the focus is on the best cost-benefit ratio. The KlackEnder is very cheap and very easy to build. No need to pay 40-50€ for a probe that is still affected by heat, takes forever to mesh, and causes a lot of headaches to wire. For the Klack it’s: Print – assemble – mount – start printing, that’s it. Especially with Klipper, setup couldn’t be easier, just use my pre-made macros, copy and paste, hit restart and you’re ready for the next print.

SwitchThread – A printer for Ants

The SwitchThread is a smol version of the Voron Switchwire. The goal of this project was/is to keep it in the rules of the Printer for Ants – this means 1515 extrusions, a 120mm³ build volume, MGN 7H on all axis, Mini Stealthburner and so on.

The SwitchThread is pretty much a V0 in a different shape, so with a V0 kit you will cover 99% of the parts you need.

VEFACH – Voron Exhaust Filter Activated Coal + Hepa

Since the printer produces many small particles, the goal is to filter out as many of them as possible. A few months ago my friend Deutherius had the idea to equip the original exhaust fan with activated coal and a Hepa filter, so I designed these filter inserts. The activated coal removes e.g. the smell of ABS and the Hepa filter catches most of the small particles.

The air first blows through activated coal particles and then through the Hepa filter. This still doesn’t remove all particles, but it is better than nothing. This mod is fully compatible with the stock exhaust fan housing, except original M3x30mm screws that hold the fan are too long and need to be replaced with M3x25mm. The filter materials can be removed and replaced very easily via the original cover.

You just need to print the two inserts for the housing. There are two versions for the activated coal insert: One with a modeled-in mesh and one without. The insert without mesh is for creating your own mesh by using the infill. You need a custom mesh if you use particles smaller than 0.8 mm.

WTH-Burner: What the hell Washed too hot Stealthburner

What the hell Washed too hot Stealthburner – a scaled down Stealthburner for the tiny Vorons

This is still in progress and not ready to be printed, but I thought I could start the Repo already to collect some information. So some specs arounf the Wth-Burner:

  • 80% scaled Stealthburner that fit’s the tiny Vorons like the V0 (more information below)
  • 4020 for Part-cooling (like from the Afterburner) and 3007 for Hotend-cooling
  • CW2 extruder with adapted internals to fir the small formfactor
  • Full size nozzle LEDs – same as for his big brother (Logo LED is on the TO-Do)
  • Compatible with Phaethus Dragon, Red lizard and Dragonfly-BMO (I would recommend a ceramic heater due the tight space)
  • Weight of 265g (Phaethus Dragon SF + 17mm 10T Moons)

Y Axis Linear Rail Mod for the Ender 3

I made this mod just for fun, the Ender 3 prints very well even with the V Wheehls. The goal of this mod is not to reuse as many parts as possible from the Ender 3, but to create a very good working rail conversion for the Y axis. It includes parallel belt paths and a belt tensioner. All belts are guided by 20T idlers. The original metal motor plate of the Y-axis is reused to make everything as stable as possible.

There are two versions of the mod: Single Rail and Dual Rail. Both are compatible with each other, which means if you want to switch from single to dual (or the other way around), you don’t have to reprint all the parts.