Lets Build the Bottom-Parts!

– With the V3.6, the bottom parts got a new design. While the old parts used a M3 screw, the idlers now sit on a 3x14mm pin. This ensures a more reliable performance and is less prone to errors. Since the 1st of August, 2022 the Powge Kit will be delivered with the pins.

a) Bearing-Pin-Unit

You have to remove the Flanges of the 20T Idler. Just use a pair of pliers to remove it (Quote billnye once again: Two on the lip and taco it). I did it this way and had no problems with that.

c) Screw Installation

Slide the 20T-Pin-Unit into the bottom part (2_Bottom_20T_V3.6.stl). Make sure the pin snaps into the design and is behind the small plastic lip.

b) Snap Fit Mount

Slide the modified 20T idler on the 3x14mm metal pin. Keep it in the middle of the pin.

d) Screw Istallation

Add 4 M5x8mm screws and 4 M5 T-Nuts to the part.

Repeat this for the second bottom part.