Lets Build the Bottom-Parts!

– With the V3.6, the bottom parts got a new design. While the old parts used a M3 screw, the idlers now sit on a 3x14mm pin. This ensures a more reliable performance and is less prone to errors. Since the 1st of August, 2022 the Powge Kit will be delivered with the pins.

a) Bearing-Pin-Unit

Slide two F623 bearings on the 3x14mm metal pin. Keep them in the middle of the pin.

c) Screw Installation

Add 4 M5x8mm screws and 4 M5 T-Nuts to the part.

b) Snap Fit Mount

Slide the Bearing-Pin-Unit into the bottom part (2_Bottom_F623_V3.6.stl). Make sure the pin snaps into the design and is behind the small plastic lip.

Repeat this for the second bottom part.