Lets build the Probe Dock!

– I recommend to build the Probe Block first.
– Take care of the magnet polarity if you already assembled the Probe Block
– Users of the Belt Mod with MGN rails will have to replace the M5x40mm screw with an M5x45mm.
– If you have problems with storing or docking check the Troubleshooting

1. Dock Assembly

a) Magnet insertion

Press one magnet into the front hole. You can use an Allen key or a screwdriver to push it all the way in. If you have already assembled the Probe Block, check the magnet polarity so that both magnets attract each other. If you inserted the magnet the wrong way around, you can remove it by inserting a small Allen key/screwdriver through the small hole on the left side.

b) Screw Installation

The BOM lists an M3x12-16mm screw for this step (see Positioning the Probe Dock below). Simply screw the screw into the rear hole of the Probe Dock.

2. Dock Mounting

a) Stock Setup

If you are using a stock setup, the lower right caster will be secured with an M5x30mm screw, with the nut most likely facing forward. All you need to do is remove the nut, pull the M5 screw out slightly so you can slide on the Probe Dock, push the screw back in, and secure it with the nut. If the screw head is facing forward, you will need to remove the entire screw.

b) Belt Mod Users

Users of the Belt Mod with the stock V rollers can use the M5x40mm screw, users of the Belt Mod with MGN rails will need an M5x45mm screw. To prevent the rollers and spacers from falling out, gently press the metal and printed plate together so that the assembly is clamped between them. Simply slide the Probe Dock on and reattach the M5x40mm/45mm screw.

Positioning of the Probe Dock
Since the X-slide is made of bent sheet metal, the tab may not be perfectly leveled or may be at a slightly different height than it should be. While this is not a problem for the probing, it can cause problems when docking and storing the probe. But don’t worry, this is easy to fix! If you have problems with docking or storage later, come back to this section (or take a look at the Troubleshooting section, which lists the same information).
You can adjust the Probe Dock in two ways to get a better docking procedure:
1. Tilt the Dock

In order to get the block onto the dock more easily, it may help to tilt it down slightly – to do this, you will need to loosen the M5x30/40/45mm screw slightly again. Adjust the angle of the dock until you are happy with the docking/storage procedure.

2. Different screw length

The only purpose of the screw is to prevent the block from tilting backwards because it can rest on the screw. So if the screw prevents the block from sliding on or off, you can use a shorter screw. While one of my enders even works fine with an M3x22mm screw, the other needs an M3x10mm screw. Try different screw lengths until you are happy with the docking/storage procedure.