Your Config: Dual Z (normal)

Step 3: stock V-Wheels/Rollers or MGN

Click on the image to configure with the stock V-Wheels

Click on the image to configure with MGN 12H rails

Rollers or V-Wheels are the black wheels that came with printer. With the mod, these can of course still be used, as only the plates on the back are replaced. The small wheels are cheap, quiet and easy to install/replace should one get damaged. But this is their weakness: they are very soft. If the eccentric nut is not adjusted properly or if there is dust on the profile, the wheel surface can be damaged, which in turn affects the print. This is one reason why some are switching to MGN/Linear Rails. But I'm a fan of the rollers.

MGN/Linear Rails
Linear rails are made out of a steel bar and a block that runs on this bar. They are mounted on the profiles from the printer and replace the rollers. But attention! Linear Rails are not better than the rollers:
There's a reason I haven't made a rail version in a very long time: Rails are not better than rollers in terms of quality. At least the cheap rails you can buy on AliExpress. The tolerances are not good, they don't last long and can give z artifacts that you don't have with rollers. From time to time I get messages that the x axis drops as soon as the power is turned off. Every time that happens the mod uses rails. And almost of those has cheap china rails. The problem with these cheap rails is that there is no friction at all, no tension and the Z axis is very poorly guided. The little Z motor has to carry all the weight because the rails are so loose they can't take any load. You also have to take care of the rails, lubricate and clean them from time to time, and make sure they don't leak. So you will spend a lot of money on a set of rails if you want good rails. Plus lubricants, cleaners, etc. Also, mounting the rails is more complicated. With wheels, you spent almost nothing on a new wheel, put it on, and you are good to go. So I recommend trying wheels first and if you still want rails, you just need to print two small adapters to install the rails. Keep things simple 😉
Note: There's a version for MGN 9h in the V3_Extras folder. Don't forget to grease your rails!!! The fluid on the rails when you get them is not grease, it's just rust preventative!!! Rails must be cleaned and carefully greased before installation. More about this here: Nero3D YouTube tutorial

Step 2: Dual Z normal version

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