Your Config: Dual Z (ultra low) + MGN-12H + Direct Drive

Step 4: F623 bearings or 20T idlers

Click on the image to configure with F23 bearings

Click on the image to configure with 20T idlers

This step depends on your preferences. Since the beginning, this mod has used F623 bearings as idlers in the bottom parts. After some time, a toothed version of the idler was requested, so this option now exists.

Which is better?
In my opinion, there is no better or worse. Some think it is wrong to let the belts run with the teeth over smooth idlers. I can understand that too, but in this case it is not so important. The load is not so strong that you would notice an effect. In addition, you have to remove the flanges from the 20T idlers. This is an additional step and the belt is guided a little less accurately. With the F623 bearings, the flanges are small enough and do not touch the profile (because the design was originally made for this).

Step 4: Bowden

Step 3: MGN-12H

Step 2: Dual Z ultra low version

Step 1: Dual Z