Your Config: Dual Z

Step 2: Enclosure? Normal vs. Ultra Low

Click on the image to configure a normal Dual Z Setup

Click on the image to configure an ultra low Dual Z Setup

With the Ultra Low parts you can use the Belt Driven Ender 3 in your IKEA Lack enclosure. It adds just a height of 38mm (vs. 51mm with the normal version), there's no way to get it lower without changing the belt path. While you need a longer rod for the single Z, the rod lengths are the same for th Dual Z. For this reason, you can use the version you want, but note that the normal version will get more attention for updates. Also depending on the (bowden-) extruder, the axis may not be able to move all the way up on the Ultra-Low version, because the extruder hits the motor.

Step 1: Dual Z