Your Config: Single Z (ultra low) + V-Roller

Step 3: Bowden or Direct Drive Extruder

Click on the image to configure with a bowden extruder

Click on the image to configure with a direct drive extruder

This step should be fairly straightforward. If a bowden extruder is installed, the version with the motor mount is required. If a direct drive extruder is used, no motor mount is needed and the simple flat plate can be used.


  • The printed plate is a little thicker than the stock metal plate (~2mm). So make sure that your screws are long enough to mount the extruder! Also make sure that you reposition the drivegear on the motorshaft because that will be also offset by the additional plate thickness.
  • On my GitHub page is also a bowden plate for the right side available, so exactly on the other side than normally on the ender. For example, this way you can add a second extruder for dual color.

Step 3: V-Roller

Step 2: Single Z ultra low version

Step 1: Single Z